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What is ESG Investing, anyway?

What is ESG Investing, anyway? ESG investing has been part of American culture since the founding of our country. 18th century religious institutions were ESG trailblazers, prohibiting followers from investing in companies that promoted alcohol, tobacco, gambling, slavery, smuggling, and conspicuous consumption. Similarly, groups such as the Quakers prohibited investing in companies that generated revenues from slavery or war. Investing aligned with your personal values For many people, the idea of investing elicits negative images of greed embodied by the likes of Gordon Gekko and Bernie Madoff. That image is changing as investors [...]

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How sustainable is your investment fund?

Before this summer, I had little experience with investing, much less sustainable investing. Like most people my age, creating a better world is important to me, so I jumped at the opportunity to learn how firms like Just Invest help investors seek both financial returns and positive change. This is a quickly growing field. US SIF reports sustainable investments now total over $8 trillion dollars, which represents more than 20% of assets professionally managed in the US. With this growth of socially-responsible investing, fund managers and investors are demanding robust, transparent, and accurate data for making sustainable choices. Just as [...]

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