Deliver tailored solutions for greater financial and social impact.

Household tax alpha

With Just Invest Panorama™, effortlessly make tax efficient transitions, optimize asset location, and coordinate charitable giving decisions across all accounts in a household.

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Personalized Direct Indexing

With Just Invest Kaleidoscope™, tailor separate accounts including smart-beta, ESG & Impact and robust tax loss harvesting customizations

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Why Just Invest is right for your clients

1. Systematic Tax Alpha

Tax efficiency is no longer an afterthought. Leverage Just Invest’s systematic tax alpha approach with tax minimizing transitions, systematic tax loss harvesting, and asset location to minimize taxes and maximize long term growth for your clients.

2. Advisor-Driven Customization

Deliver exactly what your clients demand. Utilize Just Invest direct indexing to tailor client accounts along tax alpha,  ESG Impact and smart beta choices. More control, less work. All on a sub-advisory basis.

3. ESG Impact

Align investment strategies with your clients’ values. Leverage Just Invest’s ESG thought leadership, advanced Impact choices,  and comprehensive proxy voting to address each client’s priorities and preferences uniquely.

4. Transparent Reporting

Demonstrate your value with dynamic, impactful reporting to highlight tax saving, ESG metrics, UN Sustainable Development Goal impact and much more.  Show clients how you’ve helped their money achieve more far more than ever before.

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