Put technology to work for you and your clients

We believe each client deserves the best modern finance can deliver. Let Just Invest deliver personalized investment solutions that reflect the values and goals of each client in a transparent manner. We have built a portfolio management platform that puts you, the Advisor, in control while automating the ongoing portfolio management tasks. Gain unparalleled access to sophisticated index tracking, factor/smart-beta customizations, and ESG tailored portfolios that exactly fit the needs of your clients.

Don’t settle for less. Provide your clients with the most sophisticated personalization and reporting available.

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Differentiate your business and engage your clients

Let Just Invest’s automated portfolio managment deliver better outcomes for clients while improving your overall business efficiency.

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You and your family are unique. You have distinct goals, needs and circumstances that deserve transparent, fairly priced and personalized investment solutions, all without sacrificing peace of mind. 

Ask your advisor how Just Invest’s Personalized Index solution can provide you with better:

  • after-tax returns
  • investment portfolios that account for both your financial objectives and personal values
  • a level of portfolio control previously available to only the wealthiest investors.
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“Today, technology is synonymous with data. Advisors need to be better equipped with smarter data and analytics to compete in today’s marketplace and survive in tomorrow’s industry.”

Steve Lockshin, FinTech thought leader


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